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Instructions regarding the e-Appeal registration form

Number of Licenses:
Teachers, if you want all of your students to have access, sign up for as many licenses as the number of students you teach in a day. A minimum of 5 licenses is required. (# of Licenses = # of Students who need access in a day)

Phone Contact:
If we notice you're using the e-Appeal, reading our newsletters and using the news quiz, we may want to contact you to arrange a classroom visit. 

It is important that your School Address and zip code are accurate to expedite your access to the e-Appeal.

End Date:
For the end date, most teachers will use 05/23/2014

Start Date:
Make your start date at least 3 days from the date you fill out this form.

By choosing "Agree," you are agreeing to sign an affidavit, stating that you requested and used the e-Appeal in your classroom. This is important for our audit records and will not cause any problems.
It is very important that your School Address and zip code are correct as we will mail you the affidavit prior to the end of the school year.
* indicates required
NIE Uses email as the primary means of communication.
Address & Zip must be Correct!
( ) - (###) ### - ####
( mm / dd / yyyy )
Enter a Date 3 School Days from now!
( mm / dd / yyyy )
Most teacher will use 05/24/2013
5 Minimum (See Instructions at Top of Form)
Please See Instructions at Top of form